Probi’s history

Probi was a pioneer in the field of probiotic research and development. As early as 1986, Probi’s founders launched a research project at Lund University with the aim of developing a new nutritional supplement that could be administered to critically ill patients. At that time, researchers had extremely limited knowledge about the importance of intestinal flora, making it an exceptionally visionary project.

The researchers studied the intestinal flora of healthy and ill individuals. They observed correlations that prompted them to conclude that the bacteria lacking in the most seriously ill patients could actually provide medicinal benefits. The bacteria strains that were deemed to have the best chances of functioning were carefully selected, and Probi was founded to provide the best possible platform for future development toward a finished product.




  • Vifor Pharma launches Vitafor® probi-intestis® (based on Probi Digestis®) in Switzerland.
  • Extended collaboration with Health World Australia by the launch of Probi Defendum®.
  • Agreement with Botanic Pharma for the launch of Probi Digestis® in Morrocco.
  • Agreement with BiO-LiFE for the launch of Probi Digestis® in Malaysia.
  • Agreements with AlenMed for the launch of Probi Digestis® and Probi Defendum® in Belarus.
  • Strengthened partnership with NextFood’s GoodBelly in the US.



  • Probi signed a research and development agreement with German Symrise concerning oral health.
  • Probi signed a business development agreement with Viva 5 to market Probi Digestis® and Probi Defendum® to new Consumer Healthcare distributors in North America.
  • Probi signed a distribution and co-marketing agreement with Vifor Pharma to launch Probi Digestis® and Probi Defendum® in the Swiss pharmacy market.
  • Heinz launched Golden Circle Healthy Life™ Probiotic Juice, based on Probi Defendum®, in Australia.
  • Probi signed a distribution agreement with USV Ltd to launch Vibact IBS, based on Probi Digestis®, in India.
  • Probi signed a distribution agreement with Alvogen IPCO S.Á.R.L. to launch Probi Digestis® and Probi Defendum® in Taiwan.
  • Probi’s environmental management system acquired ISO14001 certification.



  • Probi has entered into a co-development agreement with a leading global food company focusing on joint clinical development of Probi Defendum®.
  • Probi signed a dietary supplement agreement with Pharmaviet, a leader in the US vitamin, minerals and supplement market (VMS). Probi’s dietary supplement containing LP299V® will be launched under the Nature Made® brand which is the leading US brand in VMS.
  • Probi signed an agreement giving Ta`am Teva Altman the right to launch Probi’s dietary supplement based on LP299V® in Israel.


  • Ten year license agreement with Danone giving the company exclusive global rights outside of North America to use Probi’s strain LP299V® and other relevant technology in probiotic fruit drinks and juices.
  • The dietary supplements Probi Mage® and Probi Frisk® were launched in Sweden.
  • Probi and Institut Rosell enter into a new long-term agreement.
  • Probi’s Swedish common cold study was published in the European Journal of Nutrition.
  • New license agreement with Institut Rosell for Mercks’s launch of Probi’s dieterary supplement in Latin America.
  • Agreement signed with Camox Pharmaceuticals for the launch of three dietary supplements based on Probi’s strains in South Africa.
  • Agreement signed with Alapis Group for the launch of Probi’s supplement based on Probi Defendum® in Greece.


  • Agreement signed with Skånemejerier relating to the launch of a new range of products, Bravo Friscus.
  • Partnership with Bringwell for the launch of Probi’s dietary supplements under Probi’s own brands on the Nordic market.
  • Agreement signed between Institut Rosell and Jarrow Formulas regarding the launch of the dietary supplement based on Probi Digestis® on the US Health Food channel.
  • Agreement signed between Institut Rosell and Merck KGaA regarding the launch of the dietary supplement based on Probi Digestis® in Latin America.


  • Successful common-cold clinical study with world-class research results opens the way for the launch of immune product.
  • Agreements signed for 12 new geographical markets relating to launch of dietary supplements.
  • US partner NextFoods invests significantly in launch of GoodBelly fruit drink with Probi’s probiotics in the US.
  • Global food group Kraft Foods launches three varieties of müsli bars with probiotics in the US under the LiveActive brand.
  • Research grant totalling MSEK 1.8 received from VINNOVA as partial financing of a clinical study regarding the potential beneficial health effects of Probi probiotics in the cardiovascular field.


  • Agreement with NextFoods covering the launch of fruit drinks containing Probi bacterium in the US market.
  • Agreements signed for six new geographical markets relating to launch of dietary supplements.


  • Agreements signed for seven new geographical markets relating to launch of dietary supplements.


  • Launch of dietary supplement containing Probi bacterium in the US, UK and France.
  • Patent applications regarding new discoveries relating to the effect of LP299V® on the immune system.
  • Probi receives the Technology Leadership Award from the international consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan for the successful commercialisation of its bacterium.


  • Probi listed on the O-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


  • International license agreements signed with the world’s leading functional food distributor, Group Danone, and dietary supplement leader, Institut Rosell.
  • ProViva becomes the first product outside Japan to be approved for marketing using product-specific health claims.


  • Scientific studies in the field of Clinical Nutrition published.
  • Results of studies into risk factors for cardiovascular diseases published.


  • The rights to market LP299V® in Europe, with the exception of the Nordic countries and the UK, are repurchased from Skånemejerier.


  • Probi implements new share issue for MSEK 78 to commercialise the LP299V® bacterium in the Functional Food and Dietary Supplement business areas.
  • Positive results from treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) published.


  • Probi listed on NGM Equity list.


  • The company signs an agreement with Skånemejerier, which launches ProViva, a fruit drink containing Probi’s LP299V® patented bacterium.


  • Probi founded.
  • Patent application for LP299V® submitted.