Ever since Probi was founded in 1991, the organisation has been characterised by entrepreneurship where high-quality research and development have been Probi’s signature. The majority of employees work within R&D, and have long experience in areas such as microbiology, immunology, chemistry and nutrition.  The marketing and sales department has been strengthened in recent years by recruiting employees with extensive international experience.

Probi’s personnel policy

Probi endeavours to provide a dynamic environment for its employees, where individuals can assume a large degree of responsibility and are offered substantial development opportunities. Working with products – as Probi does – that improve people’s health and well-being is both responsible and stimulating. Probi’s business is based on four fundamental values that, in combination, provide a platform for the company and its development:

  • Knowledge and expertise
    With their knowledge and expertise, Probi employees engage customers, partners and consumers.
  • Dedication
    Working with research and products that impact health entails a great deal of responsibility and above-average dedication.
  • Credibility
    Being credible at all levels is fundamental to Probi being the natural choice for customers, partners, consumers and employees.
  • Curiosity
    Probi is always willing to try new approaches in research, product development and in the market.