Chilled foodstuffs

Probi’s unique probiotic strains can survive during harsh conditions at very low pH values and they are therefore able to survive in different types of chilled fruit drinks and juices. The probiotic can be added either directly to the drink, after heat treatment or during asepsis in the filling line.

Fruit Drinks
Probi’s concept with the probiotic fruit drink is very successful and has been on the market since 1994. The wide assortment includes a variety of different fruit flavors. The fruit drink is also available in different bacterial concentrations and nutritional profiles.

One of these varieties is a shot, a product with a much higher concentration of probiotics than the normal fruit drinks. The shot is available in different concentrations.

For special needs, the recovery drink is mainly for athletes and others that expose their body to physical exercise.  Probi’s probiotics are very stable in this type of drink which, in addition to fruit, also contains carefully selected vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

Probi and the Swedish dairy company Skånemejerier have successfully developed the world’s first stable probiotic fruit juice where the 100% juice is combined with probiotics without compromising taste and shelf-life. The probiotic juice was launched in Sweden in 2009 and since then the juice has been introduced to the Australian market by H.J. Heinz Australia in flavors such as “Apple Mango” and “Breakfast”.
Milk and milk based products are suitable products to combine with probiotics. Probi’s probiotic stains can easily be added aseptically through the filling line and the product will be stable when stored in chilled conditions.
Yoghurt is a traditional product for probiotics and Probi’s probiotic strains will also survive well in different yoghurt based products. Probi’s probiotic strains do not cause any post acidification of the yoghurt.
Probi’s probiotic strains have good stability in cheese, both in cream cheese and hard cheese. The probiotics survive during the ripening and can, in the right conditions, also enhance the cheese’s taste and flavor.
Ice cream
Probi’s robust probiotics make the ice cream application very easy in many different types of ice creams; for example, sorbet, soy- or milk based ice cream, as well as the popsicle. The world’s first probiotic ice cream was launched together with the Swedish ice cream producer Sia in 1999.