Shelf-stable foodstuffs

To be able to deliver probiotics in products with a long shelf-life in ambient temperatures, special technology is required. Probi has different solutions for different food segments in order to deal with product specific difficulties.

Müsli Bars
Granola bars are an example of a popular food product that has a long shelf-life in ambient temperatures.

To be able to produce stable probiotic granola bars, a special technology is required.  A process in which the probiotics are microencapsulated before they are added to the final product gives enough protection against moisture and ensures that the probiotics survive the entire shelf-life.

Probi has, together with Kraft Foods, developed the first granola bar containing stable probiotics in combination with fibers.

Baby food
Dry baby food usually has medium-long shelf-life in ambient temperatures and Probi’s probiotic strains can advantageously be mixed with different types of dry baby food, for example porridge. In this type of product, the selection of packaging material is important to protect the product from moisture.
In order to offer a probiotic solution for water with a long shelf-life when stored in ambient conditions, Probi offers a delivery solution in which the probiotics are stored in a sealed cap for bottled drinks. When the cap is opened, the probiotics are released and dissolved into the bottle and the product is ready to drink.
In stick-packs, the probiotics are mixed with flavored powder for example, ready to mix with any beverage and consumed directly. It is a very practical on-the-go solution with no need for chilled storage.