Partnerships with Probi

High-quality probiotic products. Expertise in research and development


Probi works with professional partners within food and supplements that have a genuine interest for high-quality probiotic products, and that have great impact on their local, regional and international markets.

Probi offers licences to companies that produce, distribute and sell functional foods and dietary supplements.

Probi grants licenses for its technology to food companies, usually in the form of a royalty on the customers´product sales. In this case, Probi supplies the probiotic raw material at a price corresponding to the manufacturing cost.

In the case of Consumer Healthcare, Probi usually sells finished goods in bulk. These are then packaged locally by Probi’s customers. This model guarantees excellent product quality and minimises time to market.

In some cases, Probi offers exclusivity to customers against compensation such as downpayments.

Research and development expertise

We offer our partners expertise in probiotic research and development, and contribute in-depth competence in areas such as product development, industrialisation and regulatory support.

Probi offers a one-stop shop

  • Global market knowledge
  • Broad R&D expertise
  • Microbiology
  • Nutrition
  • Bioengineering (development of fermentation processes)
  • Medicine
  • Regulatory issues
  • Knowledge of applications