Probi’s probiotics


Probi’s probiotics are manufactured by highly reputable manufacturers of bacterial cultures. Various companies are used, depending on the bacterium and method of delivery. We are also able to manufacture small volumes of new strains ourselves in our own production line. Production is regularly monitored by our quality assurance manager.

All of our strains are GMO-free and produced in facilities where no GMO ingredients are used. Depending on the strain, kosher, halal, hypoallergenic or organic certification can be provided.

Our clinical studies are carried out in compliance with the highest scientific standards. This entails double-blind, placebo-controlled randomised studies carried out by external business partners. Some analyses are conducted at our accredited laboratory (SWEDAC SS-EN ISO/IEC 17025), while others are carried out by external accredited laboratories.

Method of delivery

Probi’s probiotics can be supplied in several different forms:

  • Freeze-dried culture, suitable for dry applications and drinks.
  • Frozen pellets, suitable for chilled drinks and dairy products.
  • Frozen cultures for aseptic filling, suitable for milk and juices.
  • Dietary supplements, available in capsules and sachets, as well as flavoured tablets intended to be chewed or sucked.