Remuneration policies

Probi shall offer a market-based total remuneration package that facilitates the recruitment and retention of senior executives. The remuneration paid to company management shall comprise a fixed salary, variable salary, pension and other remuneration. Collectively, these components make up the individual’s total remuneration package.

The fixed salary shall take into account the individual’s areas of responsibility and experience. The variable salary portion shall be based on the individual’s fulfilment of quantitative and qualitative goals and shall amount to a maximum of 50% of fixed salary. Other remuneration and benefits shall be market-based and shall help promote the executive’s ability to carry out his or her duties.

Company management’s contracts of employment include termination provisions. These contracts state that employment may usually be terminated at the employee’s request with a three- to six-month notice period and, at the company’s request, with a six- to twelve-month notice period. The individual’s salary shall remain unchanged during the notice period.

The Remuneration Committee shall be entitled to waive the abovementioned guidelines if, in the opinion of the Board, and on a case-by-case basis, special grounds exist to justify such a departure.