Our research

Probi focuses on four different areas of research in which probiotics have already proven to have beneficial health effects, or where Probi envisages new opportunities for probiotics to improve the health of modern individuals. Probi currently conducts active research in the following primary areas:

  • Disorders of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract
  • The immune system
  • The metabolic syndrome (including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity)
  • Stress and recovery (including nutrient uptake)

The development process from initial idea to product usually takes three to five years. Much of this time is dedicated to producing conclusive results by performing clinical studies that prove that the bacterium is safe and that it has the desired clinical effects.

Since its launch in 1991, Probi has conducted high-level research specialising in probiotics and their ability to improve health. Today, Probi is a leading biotechnology company in the field of probiotic bacteria research and development. A network of researchers from many countries is documenting new beneficial health effects of Probi’s patented strains and identifying new, effective strains for patent protection.

Our objectives are:

  • To document the health effects of previously known bacterial strains and develop new probiotic concepts by conducting pre.clinical and clinical studies.
  • To isolate new, interesting bacterial strains and document their health effects.
  • To investigate the underlying mechanisms behind health effects, for example by studying their interaction with “bad” bacteria, the intestinal epithelium and the immune system.
  • To document the safety of the bacteria by conducting safety studies.
  • To patent bacteria and product concepts.