Probi is a bioengineering company that identifies and, through clinical studies, documents the effects of various probiotic bacteria strains and patents them for use in foodstuffs and dietary supplements.

Probi’s patent protection is strong and encompasses both individual probiotic bacteria strains and the applications associated with them.

This entails that our strains and their applications can be protected and that we can license the rights for their use to other companies.

Probi’s current patent portfolio comprises closer to 20 patent families and 200 approved patents, and also a large amount of new patent applications. Areas that are patented include gastrointestinal disorders (i.e. IBS, IBD, GI infections), effects that are related to the body’s immune system (i.e. immune-modulating, MS, virus infections), risk factors for the metabolic syndrome (i.e. fibrinogen, cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin response) and nutrition (increased uptake), stress/recovery (antioxidative capacity), vaginal health and various unique applications.