Scientific Advisory Board


Probi has established a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of renowned researchers and medical doctors. The Board’s assignment is to advise Probi’s board of directors and management within research related questions with Probi’s present research portfolio as starting point, and to give recommendations concerning Probi’s future research. The Board has a broad composition of representatives from several different disciplines within the research areas that are relevant to probiotics.


The Scientific Advisory Board consists of the following members:

• Jan Nilsson, Professor in Experimental Cardiovascular Research, Lund University (Chairman)

• Hans Wigzell, Professor Emeritus, Immunology, Karolinska Institutet

• Åke Lernmark, Professor in Experimental diabetes research, Lund University

• Göran Molin, Professor in Applied Nutrition and Food Chemistry, Lund University

• Bengt Jeppsson, Professor, Surgical Faculty, Lund University

• Lars Gatenbeck, MD PhD, Chairman Swecare Foundation, CellaVision and Board Member and Trustee in
several Life Science companies and organisations